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Charley Chapters


Root Words, Prefixes and Suffixes

Synopsis:  Root words, prefixes and suffixes can be confusing to young spellers.  Charley Chapters and his friends show students how to look for the root word in a complex word.  They guide students toward a better understanding of prefixes and suffixes and how they change the definition of the word.

Level:  1st - 3rd grade

Time:  13 minutes




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(800) 523-0118

School Library Journal

“A delightful elementary student, Hannah, discovers the logic of spelling with the help of puppets, Rudy Root Word, Percy Prefix and Suzy Suffix.  By disassembling words into the root word, the prefix and the suffix, spelling skills become clear and challenging words do not seem so threatening.  Reassembling the word in its proper sequence confirms its correct spelling.  While viewing the video students are asked to identify and define these words as well as some simple words such as sit, renew, reread, taller and slowly.  The pace of the video is appropriate for young students reacting to early experiences with reading and writing.  The puppets encourage participation and add learning stimulation.  A background of books in a school library media center provides a familiar setting relating to reading enjoyment.  From the suggestions of extended activities is a bulletin board idea of paper bag puppets into which students will place root words, prefixes and suffixes when discovered.  The video will make children more aware of the meanings and the structure of words in their language, their reading, and their writing.  Scores on Friday’s spelling tests should improve.”